Mindanao Tourism Map{22}


One of the (many?) things that I find frustrating about the Philippines, and Samal Island in particular, is the lack of good detailed maps. I’ve always found maps to be a very useful tool. I much prefer them to getting directions, as I like to get a visual in my head.

Davao has more available in this area than Samal. But that’s not saying much, as Samal Island has almost nothing detailed other than the one I feature in my sidebar. I have a copy of every map of Samal Island that I could find on my hard drive. It’s not many. I guess one could make the argument that there isn’t much to map on Samal at this time.

I recently ran across an article from Roger Montano Balanza from his Durianburgdavao news blog, that gives an encouraging account of a upcoming map of Mindanao for tourists. Even though the article about this proposed tourist map doesn’t directly state that it includes Samal Island, I’m hopeful that it will. At the very least it would be very nice to have something of the general Mindanao region.

A product of years of collaboration between the private sector tourism players and the Department of Tourism (DOT), the tourism highway map contains details on top Mindanao tourist spots, destinations, transportation and other information that a tourist needs from Western Mindanao to the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

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The map is due to come out in August at the Mindanao Tourism and Travel Expo in Davao City.

Mindanao tourist map to be launched « durianburgdavao.

Map credit: www.georgeandramilyn.com (not sure where they got it)