Other Samal Island Updates{4}

Holiday Oceanview Samal Model Home

While I’m working on coming up with some new articles and at the same time trying to get my life settled a bit, I suggest you check out a couple of recent articles from some friends of mine.

Ellen posted about a visit from an online colleague where they had an opportunity recently to visit Holiday Oceanview Samal. Seems HOS has a nice model home up now. You can check out the article here and/or go to the Holiday Oceanview Samal website to learn more.

Anki Bisaya Phrasebook Flashcards

Kevin, now on summer vacation, is spending more time with his blog, Siyensya. He has posted a nice article and video from his excursion around the east side of Samal Island last year. You can check out the well done video here.

I follow both of those blogs on regular basis to help keep up on Samal and other topics. Check them out if you haven’t already.