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I’m of fan of Apple. In particular, the Mac or as it was initially called, the Macintosh. I bought my first Macintosh in October of 1984. That was the one piece 128k model, the original Mac. This was well before hard drives but the Macintosh was the first personal computer to take advantage of the smaller floppy disks that were so popular for many years. Ah, the changes over the years. Geez, I must have had over 20 some different models, possibly a lot more than that. As it sits now, my household has 4 different Apple computers (five if you count the G4 tower on my floor that has issues).

There were many times I thought I’d have to move on to something else, as Apple’s demise was predicted on a regular basis. It was the in thing to do, guess when Apple would be bought or when they would go out of business. Seems pretty funny nowadays.

I’ve spent my time on various PC’s. I can even run Windows on my iMac, if I have a need to. I tired long ago of the debates or wars though; use what you like, need, have, etc. I like Macs.

Who knows what the future holds, especially in the world of computers and electronics, but I expect I’ll still be using some form of a Mac for quite some time. It’s good to know that they are readily available in the Philippines. Even Davao (no, not Samal – there’s an idea!) has a premium Apple authorized dealer, Facebook|Powerhub. I’ve not been there (yet) but it sounds as though they have the full line of Apple products. They are also an accredited service center. You might want to check them out the next time you’re in Davao, if you’re a Mac addict, too.


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In Davao City, Powerhub is the only Apple premium reseller that sells all types of Apple desktops and laptops, including iPhone, iPod, software and other accessories.

Powerhub is located at G/F Chimes Specialty Store, Governor Sales St., Davao City. You can also visit their facebook site at powerhub.multiply.com or call (082) 226-2864.

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Written on a iMac Intel Core 2 Duo