Philippines Money Transfer{18}

Note: this is a previous article, reposted with comments from last year. I was going to write a new article, as I continue to be very impressed with the service from Remithome. I decided that I’d be saying much of the same.

I’ve been sending money to various locations in the Philippines for a number of years now. Since we bought our property I’ve needed to set up a monthly installment. I looked at the various options for doing that, and I came back to my old standby of Remithome. I thought possibly a direct transfer from my bank would work, but the charges were too high. If the company I was dealing with would accept credit cards that certainly would have been a desirable option, but unfortunately they do not.

What I like about Remithome is the higher than most exchange rates, the reasonable transfer fee (especially if you set up a recurring transfer), and their customer service. You can have the money sent direct to a bank account or have it delivered in person. I’ve done both without issue. They have a local number that you can call and I’ve taken advantage of that on a few occasions. They have always been very helpful, and in at least one instance deviated from the norm to help me.

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If you decide to try Remithome you can click on the link I provided, or the logo in my sidebar. I’ll get $5 credit for referring you, and you’ll get $10 off, so your first transfer is free. A good deal for me and a good deal for you. Of course you could always go to their site and sign up directly. I’m not sure if you get the $10 credit or not, in that case.

There are quite a few of these types of companies out there, so I encourage you to do your research to see what works best for you. If you want a recommendation based off my experience, then I think you’ll be happy with Remithome.