Azure at Samal Island Condominiums{4}

Azure at Samal

I’ve had this on my list of items to write about for awhile now. I had it bookmarked to reference for the time I got around to posting about it. But it seems that the bookmark is no longer valid, and the only mention I can still find of this is on a couple of sites that discuss upcoming projects around the Davao region. They all appear to reference the same article, actually.

The first notice of this, as far as I can tell, is from May 2007. So it’s been announced for well over a year at the least, going on two as a matter of fact. The project appears to be the product of Mercado Holdings, and is tied in with the Bluewaters Resort. The link that I had saved was in fact part of the Bluewaters site.

It now seems that Bluewaters is advertising lots through their two villages, Villa Leah and Bella Vista, instead. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that the condo project has been tabled, and they have decided to sell the lots. Interesting that they are not building on the lots, that’s left up to you. Though I could certainly be wrong about this, I have to question have much land they have available.

Condominiums are an appealing investment for the foreigner, as unlike other properties you may own a condo as long as no more that 40% of the unit is foreign owned. This proposed condo unit was to be the first of it’s type on Samal Island. Therefor it would offer a unique opportunity for a foreigner to own property on IGaCoS.

Here’s the full text of the article from SkyscraperCity (for those who don’t want to follow the link above):

Soon to rise: On the Gold Coast of Limao, The first Luxury Resort Condominium in Davao and Samal Island.

Standing on the threshold of Davao Gulf precisely where the emerald green lawns and winding multicolored bouganvilla paths meet the white sand beaches of Limao and the clear Azure waters of Davao Gulf; it takes only few steps from the manicured grounds of Azure to dip one’s toes into the soothing clear blue waters. Paradise have never been this close, and it’s just one reason why this exceptional new luxurious resort condominium will have everyone talking.

The project will showcase the ecological and pleasant interaction between water features and a rich variety of foliage.

Assortment of rock cavities on the far end of the swimming area present excellent and exciting diving spots.

Coral reefs just off its beach areas are home to an abundant array of multicolored coral species and teeming marine life.

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Azure mingles Mediterranean influences with authentic tropical elegance and a delightful combination of seaside accommodations and unparalleled service.

The exclusive waterfront enclave will have Studio type rooms, two, three, four spacious bedrooms and Luxurious Garden Penthouses on top; all units with their own exclusive terrace.

The Condominiums will feature the following amenities:

1. All White Appliances
2. Ceramic floors
3. Ceramic bathrooms
4. Marble floors for Penthouse
5. Marble bathrooms for Penthouse
6. Granite counter tops
7. High end lighting fixtures and hardware
8. Huge Infinity swimming pool with gardens and landscaping
9. Individual Parking space.
10. Business Center
11. Function Room
12. Restaurant
13. Coffee Shop & Bar

Additionally the development will feature a spa that will include exercise and weight room, dry sauna, spa and massage facilities.

The development will further offer its owners a full concierge service that will include transportation service, bookings, shopping, as well as providing for any other needs of the owners.

If anyone has any further information on the project; cancelled, delayed or otherwise, please let me know via the comments or my contact form. I’ll update this as appropriate.