Maayong buntag{5}

I’m about a month into my Bisaya lessons. With a few exceptions it seems to be going well. Bebe, my maéstra (teacher), is very good at what she does. She is also very patient, which is very much needed in my case.

As I mentioned previously, there were quite a few details to work out. What time (15 hour time difference), what software to use, how to make payments, etc.

It turns out that between our schedules there was only one time that really made sense for the both of us. I take my lessons on Friday night, which is her Saturday morning. Since she doesn’t have internet at home, so she travels to Bob Martin’s house to give the lessons.

Anki Bisaya Phrasebook Flashcards

We tried a couple of different programs, including iChat/AIM, Skype and WizIQ. Problaby any of them would work but we have settled on Skype at the moment. The biggest problem we are encountering is freezing of the audio and/or video during the session. This can be quite bad, or not too much of an issue depending upon the day. I believe the problem to be the connection in the Philippines, as I have a fast pipe here and have not had similar problems with video chats with people in the States.

In addition to Skype, I’m using an add on program, Call Recorder for Skype, that allows me to record the lesson. I find this useful to review the pronunciation, as I have a hard time with that. I convert those and download them to my iPhone so I can listen to them when I have a chance, and I’m not at home.

Another very useful tool I’m using is a flash card program, StudyCards, that is also for the iPhone or iPod Touch. I use this for my vocabulary words. I can pull it up if I’m waiting in line, out at my son’s practice, sitting around the house watching TV or any other time that for that matter. It is my preferred way to learn the vocabulary words.

All in all, I think I’ve got a good start and a set up that will help me learn. If I can just stay with it.