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2008 September 18

eskwelahan IGaCoS DepEd

I came across an interesting article by Roger P. Antalan, who writes about IGaCoS for the SunStar Davao. This particular article has to do with the DepEd of IGaCoS, which earlier this year became a separate entity, no longer part of Davao del Norte DepEd.

I’ll leave it up to you to read the whole article but there were several tidbits that I found revealing.

• There are 550 nationally funded public school teachers: 399 in the elementary and 151 in the secondary.

• In addition, there are 30 teachers funded by the Local School Board: 13 in the elementary and 17 in the secondary. There are 18 non-teaching personnel.

• The total school population consists of 733 pre-schoolers, 14,053 elementary pupils, and 5,754 high school students. There are 6 primary schools, 45 elementary schools, and 13 high schools including annexes.

• This school year, the dropout rate for the elementary and the secondary are 0.30% and 6.68% respectively. This is an improvement of the previous year’s 2.21% for the elementary and 7.63% for the secondary.

• The new IGaCoS DepEd has still many needs. To be fully operational, it needs the following: teachers-51 for the elementary and 65 for the secondary; classrooms- 51 for the elementary and 23 for the secondary; school furniture’s (seats) 2,279 for the elementary and 1503 for the secondary.

• The year 2008 is turning out to be a great year. The young division ranks second in the elementary level among the 10 school divisions in Region 11 in the National Achievement Test. It is highly competitive with the other nine divisions in the other academic and non-academic competitions.

It’s good to see that while IGaCoS is continuing to grow, it’s not losing sight of enriching it’s children and future generations.

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