Woo Hoo, Bamboo{6}

I’ve always had a fascination for bamboo. That’s good for me, as Samal Island has plenty of it. It’s funny because it’s so commonplace in the Philippines that it’s taken for granted for the most part there.

Bamboo is making having a bit of a resurgence in the States, especially in regards to flooring. I’ve looked into having my original fir kitchen floor replaced, and the two products that appealed to me most were bamboo and cork flooring. Both are considered natural, but in truth it depends a lot on how each is manufactured.

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I hope to have bamboo incorporated into the construction of our house, at least in some manner. Maybe it will end up being just the floors or interior walls, I don’t know yet. There is the concern about it’s life expectancy for anything external, though that is offset somewhat with the low replacement cost.

The uses for bamboo go way beyond housing materials, though. Do a search and you will find amazing ways that it has been used. Some of the more creative are: bicycles, computers, clothing, and food. Even the more common uses have some very creative examples.

The first structure we put up will likely be a bahay kubo. This may be temporary, or we might keep it depending upon our needs at the time we have our home built. Maybe once I move there, and I’m surrounded by bamboo in all things great and small, I’ll tire of it. But for now I see it playing a big part in our balay.