Solar Energy in the Philippines{27}

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I’ve been meaning to write an update to my previous articleon solar energy for awhile now. Research has been slow. Solar energy use in the Philippines is not common, and the reasons are not much different than anywhere else – startup costs, getting materials, understanding what is needed to power your house, no grid-tied availability, etc.

There is a little bit of information out there – a government forum, an active vendor with a website, suppliers, more suppliers, some news articles and blogs, blogs. What it really boils down to though, it’s not easy getting going on this. As some have pointed out, if you aren’t trying to go completely solar then there are steps you can take to help reduce the reliance on electricity now. The “more suppliers” link has a listing for a company in Davao that could be useful in that regard, Davao Teknosun Company.

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As things sit today, the only reasonable way to do a full system is with a grid-tied system, IMO. That doesn’t seem to be a possibility currently in the Philippines. There is a fair bit of interest in solar from those I’ve spoken to that are planning on living on Samal Island. I wonder what it would take to have the power company to allow grid-tied. Would you go to the local government first? There have been instances of solar energy uses in the Philippines to power areas without access to electricity, so the precedent is there. Just not on the individual level that we’d want.