Real Estate on Samal Island{5}

Moving to the Philippines and want to find land for your retirement home, or maybe vacation home, on Samal Island? There are many options available lately. I’ve posted about each of these developments separately, but I thought it would be nice to consolidate into one post for the newcomers.

Holiday Oceanview – large resort development on the north tip of the island.

Playa Azalea – another large resort development, this one is south of the ferry terminal in Limao.

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Costa de Allea Resort Village – residential subdivision, also south of the ferry terminal in Limao.

Kembali Coast – not sure if this one is proceeding. It’s in the southern part if the the island, by Kaputian.

In addition to these developments there is of course land available from smaller groups and individuals. With land titles the way the are in the Philippines, it would be wise to buy from someone you know & trust and/or have a lawyer review the land title.

If you are looking for something out side of the large developments, I recommend getting in touch with Feyma Martin. She can help you find a spot within a smaller subdivision or even hectares, if that’s what you are looking for. I believe she is also involved with Holiday Oceanview, if you do want the larger “resort” style development. Feyma was extremely helpful to us when we purchased our lots, going way out of her way to accommodate our schedule and needs. For disclosure – we get nothing from the recommendation of Feyma other than giving her some payback for the service she offered us.