One of my readers was kind enough to send me some photos of a recent excursion around Samal. The interesting thing about these, at least to me, is the fact that they are of the east side of Samal Island. This is the “poor step sister” side of of Samal it seems. The west side is well know for the resorts, developments, proposed bridge, ferries, etc. Rarely does anyone mention their ventures to the “other side”.

I’m going to intermix their narrative with mine, my apologies beforehand.

The east coast of Samal is more rugged than the west coast. More rocky, more cliffs, more caves and I would say more than half of the eastcoast has black sand.

The 2 islands on the Northeast corner of Samal are locally called Ligid islands – dako and gamay (big and little). On our charts, they are called Big and Little Cruz islands. I believe there is a resort on the Little Ligid island. The Island Buenavista, I believe.

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I don’t know if there are road systems into some of these places, but I was told that there are, but have to walk down to the shoreline. I also do not know who owns the properties in the pictures, but the designs are quite unique. The building of the houses into the slope of the hills is interesting to me, as we have a bit of a slope ourselves. Not to this extent though.