Parker, AZ{0}

I got to spend a few days in Parker, Arizona while working on a project for the company that employs me. I’ve not been to Parker before. It’s a very small town, both in population and area.

It was HOT. The temperature the first day was 113 degrees. The next was 117. Not sure what it hit the last day, it was supposed to be 118. Honestly once it gets much over 100, I can’t really tell the difference. They have a saying in Arizona about the heat, “it’s dry heat though”. And then they laugh.

It’s true to some extent. The humid heat of the Philippines is something that I really struggle with when I first get there. It always takes me awhile to adapt to that, and it’s always going to be something that I’ll have to deal with. I imagine that my tired bones & muscles will benefit from this, as I get older.

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The thing I noticed in Parker though, is that air conditioning (it’s not aircon here) is used generously. It’s cranked, and there is no thought to controlling it, at least at the retail locations I visited. It may be a different story at people’s residences. I ate dinner at a pizza place, and though it was 113 outside, I was cold. That was with the front door being half open. No one seemed to care that they were trying to cool the whole town, in addition to the pizza parlor. I don’t know, maybe electricity is cheap there.

I’m not sure when or if I’ll have to return to Parker, but I’ll do my best to make sure it’s not during summer next time.