Philippine Blogs{16}

I’ve gained a new appreciation for blogs since my return from the Philippines. Truth be told, I never read them much up to the point that I started planning our trip there. While researching for our trip I found several blogs to be very helpful determining such things as which hotels to stay at, places to eat, potential issues in the province we’d be visiting, and the like.

Now that I’m back at home, and looking forward to an eventual retirement on Samal Island, I’ve found that I’m wanting to be more informed about the area. I’ve started reading quite a few Davao based blogs, and news sites, on a regular basis. The blogs are particularly interesting, because not only do you get the opinion of the writer, but also of the readers of the blog. The comments of the blog’s readers tends to give you a much better overall feel of things, as they swing from the pros and cons on most subjects. Rarely is there 100% agreement on any topic.

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I’ve mentioned some of my more frequented blogs in other posts and listings on my blog. My more recent readings range from ex-pats living there: American in DavaoLive in the PhilippinesPhilfaqs; to those written by Filipinos proud of their homeland: Neo Davao, Dateline Davao, Davao Hive. Some bloggers have several blogs dealing with different, more specialized topics. Blogie has three that I find to be particularly useful and well done: Ang Dabawenyo, IT Talks, Davao Delicious.

These are just some of the blogs that I’ve found and enjoy about the Philippines, and Davao area in particular. There are obviously many more, and my current reading list will undoubtedly change in the coming weeks. It’s great to be able to gather so much information with such a variety of views discussing the matters. I didn’t know what I was missing.