Davao is getting quite the reputation for coffee, at least as Filipino cities go. I visited many nice coffee houses while there (Bo’s, Figaro’s, Blugre & Basti’s are a few), but each was a local company. No Starbucks to be found in Davao, so far. I’m fine with that other than the lack of soy milk being an option in those locations. I did enjoy the durian that was used, though this is not everyone’s cup of tea.

What struck me most though was the coffee drinking in the province. It was exclusively instant coffee with the people I hung out with. I hadn’t realized that before and found it quite funny when my mother-in-law informed me that the coffee we had sent previuosly in the Balikbayan box was terrible. They had been making it like instant, but it was regular ground coffee! Bad camper coffee for sure.

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We are back home and are preparing another Balikbayan box to go soon. I’ve looked but I can not find a large size of instant coffee to send. The large cans of coffee only seem to be ground. Probably not a big deal, as it is surely cheaper there anyway. But I do want to make amends for the terrible coffee they had to struggle with previously.