I’m not fond of Facebook. There I said it. Maybe I could have stated it stronger, but that’s the general idea. To me it is a necessary evil.

The things I don’t like about Facebook are probably the same things you don’t care for, with a few possible differences. One of the main differences might be the fact that I don’t know about 75% of my friends there since I mainly use it for my blog postings. That can have its positives though, as some of those new friends have become real friends. For my true friends and family it can be a great way to keep up to date. But there are other ways.

Last week, I think it was Tuesday, I was thinking about how often I check Facebook. Pretty much every time I’m on my computer and my iPhone. With the computer, as most of you do, I just leave it running all the time. Constantly checking back, but for what? I had come to realize that though there was an occasional post that I cared about, the vast majority didn’t concern me at all. I didn’t know these people or the people they were communicating with.

Add that to the unending political and religious sermons that many people feel compelled to espouse, and the hate that is often thrown around in the replies, well I had decided to take a break. Doing so was not that difficult, but to learn how I had to do a Google search. You see you don’t just suspend your account, you deactivate it. That is hidden under your Security settings, within your Account settings.

It was not quite as simple as I had hoped, as I have a couple of Fan Pages attached to my personal account. Both Journey to Samal and Where to Find It- Davao are set up that way. I had to set up a new dummy account and make that an additional admin to those Fan Pages, before I could deactivate my personal page.

The other irritating thing was that Facebook doesn’t notify my friends that my account is deactivated, if they try to contact me. I had a couple people think that I had blocked them. There was an option to send messages, but I did not look into it as I didn’t think I needed it. I don’t know if you can do a global message or if you need to send them individually.

I’m not sure how long I’ll go with this suspended account. I do know that it is really easy to re-activate. If you “accidentally” log back in, you are active again with nothing missing.

It has been a pleasant break for me. I don’t miss it. Yes, I’m not caught up on what my friends are doing, and I’ve possibly missed something important, but if I did, it happened anyway. Believe it or not they didn’t wait for me.

I realize in this age of social media, and even more so here in the Philippines, that I’m bucking the trend. I doubt I’ll be able to quit Facebook altogether, but when I come back maybe I’ll have weaned myself of my reliance of it to a degree.

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