I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. I could be referring to the economy, politics, life in general, any number of things (that clip from Network is as relevant today as when the movie came out), but in this instance I’m referring to what seems to be the nonsense that I keep reading over and over again on posts/articles, mainly from expats living in the Philippines. For some reason many seem to enjoy spreading the word that things are not cheaper in the Philippines. I don’t live there, yet, but let me tell you this, in case you are confused – IT IS CHEAPER TO LIVE IN THE PHILIPPINES.

I will give them this, there are some things that can cost more there, but even then, what is their reference? As an example, lots of things in Seattle cost me more than in Spokane, and vice versa for that matter. Overall, Seattle is more expensive to live in than Spokane though, and that is one of the reasons I moved here 20 years. Not the only one, though.

Anyway, back to the Philippines…the idea that I can not seem to get my head around is that if you want to move to the Philippines and live a foreign lifetstyle, you could easily spend as much or more in the Philippines. This includes, I suppose, buying many imported goods and foods, eating out often, probably nicer foreign foods, and generally living beyond your means. Why would anyone move to the Philippines if they want to maintain the exact lifestyle they are currently living? I’m under the impression that you would move there, or anywhere for that matter, because there is something about the place that appeals to you and you want to embrace.

I hear the term, “Live Like a King”, and honestly, I don’t know what that means. That is often the idea that is debunked in these articles. You will not live like a king, and you are not moving to paradise. I feel that is probably good warning for anyone without any prior knowledge of the area, and probably true for any place. If you are planning to move to the Philippines, and never been there, then you are undoubtably in for rude awakening as to what you will encounter. I’m just assuming most people are smart enough to have visited, and at the very least done some research on a place the are expecting to live.

The major expenses, at least for me, are housing, food and possibly healthcare in the future. If you can not find housing, food and healthcare cheaper in the Philippines, you are not trying. If you are living on a fixed income, and can not make it go further in the Philippines, you are not trying. Given most of us will spend what we have, but that can and will go further there, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to have it do so. I’m sure there are those that can not figure it out, but for most sensible people, it is not difficult at all.

It is possible to live VERY cheaply in the Philippines, if one wants or needs to. Granted most foreigners would have a difficult time living that basic of a lifestyle, but it is possible, whereas here you would be on the street at that level of income. There is plenty of good, cheap food available everywhere, as well as living quarters.

I’ve learned a lot from all the different writers I’ve read. I realize that I have a lot more to learn about living in the Philippines, too. I’ll keep visiting and reading until I can gain the real life experience, and I’m sure that will be much different than I actually imagined, but I DO know that I WILL live cheaper in the Philippines.

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