With so many Samal Island resorts to choose from, it is often difficult to decide where to stay. I had that problem last year, and the budget I was under contributed to the decision. While I did not stay overnight at Chema’s By the Sea, I did have the opportunity to meet the owner and subsequently tour the resort, including the rooms. I have to admit that I was VERY impressed with Chema’s and personally find it to be kind of a hidden gem.

I did take advantage of a day trip, to relax on the beach and to dip into the pool. Chema’s feels almost like a private resort, you certainly wouldn’t be fighting any crowds here. I think much of that feel is by design. Chema’s does not make it easy to set reservations, as there is no online system. You’ll need to call in to do that. From my understanding they limit the number of guests, but I do not know what that limit is set at. I suppose it depends whether it is one party or more.

I had previously understood that there were open cottages at Chema’s but what I gathered from the owner is that they are converting all of those, and will only offer the enclosed cottages from now on. I failed to take any photos of the inside of the cottages I toured, but they were VERY nice, clean and updated. I would certainly be happy to stay at any of them.
Restaurant Bar at Chema's by the SeaCottage at Chema's by the SeaAnother cottage view at Chema's by the Sea

Beach lounging area at Chema's by the SeaSwimming pool at Chema's by the SeaLarge cottage at Chema's by the SeaView of Davao from Chema's by the Sea

Inside Chema's by the Sea cottageBed in Chema's by the Sea cottagePatio area Chema's by the Sea cottageView from Chema's by the Sea cottage

View of the beach area from the cottage at Chema's by the SeaSunset from Chema's by the SeaPassenger boat to Chema's by the SeaBoating dock area for Chema's by the Sea

The resort includes a great white sand beach, a real nice swimming pool, the cottages, a bar/restaurant area, and there was a larger meeting type room, too. There was also a changing room/comfort room, that allowed you to clean up before and after swimming.

The staff was attentive, but a little slow. It was apparent that that they have duties and were not used to a lot of guests to wait on. It was not a problem, as there was nothing to rush about while staying there. As is the case almost everywhere in the Philipinnes, they did not have several items on the menu, but they did go out and get me a fresh buko that was cheap and welcome on a typically hot day.

I got to Chema’s via the amazingly rough Circumferential Road but I think your best bet would be to take the boat that goes there directly from the Waterfront Insular.

I plan on visiting Chema’s By the Sea again in the future with the hope of staying overnight for at least a couple of days. It is a very cozy, romantic setting. I would not hesitate to recommend it to someone looking for a special place to spend some time with a special one.

Contact Numbers:

+63 (917) 814-0814
+63 (82) 303-0523
+63 917 702-5832

Last eight photos courtesy of macky

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