As those of you who care, and probably most of you that don’t, already know there is a new iPhone coming out in a couple weeks. The iPhone 4, as Apple is calling it, is a big step up in many ways from the previous model. For those of us that still have the original Edge (2G) only iPhone, well it’s a major advancement.

The new iPhone has many new features. Depending upon your needs (or wants) they may or may not seem important. For me the faster processor (same as the iPad), the HD video, the ability to run iOS 4 and finally being able to use 3G are what make this an easy decision to upgrade.

Some of the new features of the iPhone 4 and iOS 4 are:

  • FaceTime – face to face video chat
  • 5 Megapixel Camera – with bulit in LED flash
  • Voice Control – voice activated control for calls and songs
  • Retina Display – 960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi
  • Multitasking – run and switch between apps instantly
  • Folders – keep your apps organized
  • iMovie – edit video, add themes and music, and share your movies
  • HD Video Recording – HD (720p) up to 30 frames per second with audio

We are making plans to visit Davao and Samal Island later this year. I had already been looking into a Flip Minio HD video camera to shot some high def video while I was there. In my mind I’ll no longer need that video cam, as the new iPhone shots high def in 720P. I also plan on leaving my Canon PowerShot A710IS at home, as I can shot stills at 5 mega pixels and even though my Canon is 7.1 mega pixels, it’s not enough of a difference for me to carry around the extra device, in addition to the chargers and cables.

An additional benefit, and one that I’m pretty excited about, is that I can use my original iPhone in the Philippines on one of the local carriers there. I’ll need to unlock (jailbreak) my iPhone and then buy a new sim card with load. I should be good to go and have local cell phone access the entire time I’m in Davao/Samal. I will need to research a bit for the best coverage for Samal, but this should be very handy. I can use the same charger and cables, so I’m not bring anything else along other than the extra phone. Of course, I could unlock my iPhone 4, but I’m not willing to do that. I’ll leave that for those more daring than I.

I had hoped that Apple would announce that Verizon would also be carrying a version of the iPhone. That has been rumored for some time now, and I suppose will happen sometime later this year or early next. I don’t want to wait for that, and will make my pre-order on Tuesday. So another 2 years with AT&T, but that’s the price to pay at this time.

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