There are many places I’d still like to visit in Davao, and  I plan to do so on my trips to there from here on out. One of the places high on my list is the Buddhist temple, Lon Wa (or Long Hua). I’ve always had interest in the Buddhist teachings, and I find it pretty fascinating that such a nice temple exists in the Davao area. I’ve not come across many Buddhists in my travels there, not surprisingly.

As most people know the population of the Philippinesis mostly Roman Catholic, somewhere around 85%. Islamic is next at roughly 5%, but it may appear to be higher as they are concentrated in the Southern parts of the Philippines. Buddhism and Hinduism only total about 3% together, mostly from those with Chinese ancestry. There are also small groups of cults; Animists, which in of itself is very interesting.

In addition to the Buddhist temple there exists a Taoist temple, the Mindanao Taoist Temple. While this temple doesn’t seem to have the same attraction as the Buddhist, probably because of the size, I also have great interest in visiting it. These are just a couple of the many wonderful attractions of Davao and the surrounding area. I hope to be able to spend some time checking them out, learning of their history and taking lots of photos the next time through.

Photos courtesy of Harry’s Public Album

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